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For the first time in the world, merely by access to information about your height, wrist size, and a face photo, we are able to identify your inborn tempera nature type, "Mizaj"

accordingly uncover an incredible wealth of information about your characteristics and personality traits that will amaze you

14 Traits about your Essence

12 Traits about your Personal Act

8 Traits about your Social Act

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Users log in to the app or website, they will be asked for general information such as wrist size and height The image is either self-contained or selected from the gallery in the system. The photo and information for the analysis analyzer is posted and the user views his or her physical and personality status on its app or website

  • Simplicity in design

  • Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Cross-platform coverage


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The Research Team


Hamid Reza Roshandel

Prof.Dr.in Alternative Medicine


Seyed Mohammad Hossein Emadi

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Mehdi Valinejad

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

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